Friday, July 25, 2014

Moments scribbled down

Laughter, tears, memories, memories of memories, alcohol, throw up, all nighter, nightmare, slacking off, ... we did it all

BFF1: "Ye every time I think about him I just want to throw up, like my stomach gets really sick. That's why people drink till they throw up because of intoxication not of memories I guess."
BFF2: "Lol or you just forget the whole thing and eat cupcakes with your friends"

BFF1: "I just needed him to tell me that it's over. He said dating his new girlfriend gave him "perspective". Aah"
BFF2: "Perspective"? Lol. I guess you need some of that too girl"

BFF2: "Still talking to him is not impossible, but it's hard. And you two don't bro out. You will never be bros, then you have to be someone that he wants to be friends with."
BFF1: "Nah I think I'm just gonna be me."
BFF2: "Now I feel dumb"

BFF2: "And the worst part about the whole thing is that he's short. He acts like he's gonna come back and take care of us poor people, and that puts shame to all the taller people like me!"

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