Sunday, September 21, 2014

All we have is this moment

Here we are, you holding me in your arms. I want to look into your brown eyes but I can't get over how the strands of your hair fall so softly on your forehead. No words are said. Questions would fall into silence; we are both scared of the unknown. Your silence reminds me that all I have is this present moment. I can't alter your past or anticipate our future. I squeeze your arms a little tighter as if it helps me hold on to this moment longer, as if it makes this moment with you more real. All we ever have is each other right now. And that much is enough for me.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

As simple as a change of heart

Sometimes all that's left is silence. Sometimes answers are not important anymore, when it could have just been as simple as a change of heart.

One day, maybe in the past, maybe in the near future, I have, or will stop being in love with you, and then stop loving you altogether. But will I stop caring? Should I stop caring, when it is ingrained in the survival instinct of a woman to take care of whom she loves, but it brings shots of pain to my heart to even hear your voice?