Monday, February 22, 2016


Sunsets don't hurt the way they used to.

I never even considered the possibility of potentially growing old alone, without a partner. But now, when dating seems equally joyful and hurtful, when there seems to be better things in life that having a family and kids, that possibility seems more real. It creeps in my dreams at night when I lie between cold sheets, alone in bed.

But my heart doesn't ache at loneliness anymore. I am no longer afraid. Being able to share the wonders of the world with someone is a blessing, but, just maybe, some people aren't meant to be with anyone else. Maybe they are to spend time loving themselves, better and deeper every single day. Then so be it.

I am not anti-love. I love love.

And so if I meet you and fall in love, you will know how special you are. I will not be wanting love; I will be wanting you. Despite being happier when I'm single, despite not needing another to feel complete, I will still want to be with you.  

Stranger, I will love you, despite it all.