Thursday, September 10, 2015

There are the years that ask questions

There are the years that I crumble, and there are years that I slowly pick up my pieces whislt collecting scars.

There are the years that I drink just so I can sleep and get high just so I can cry.

There are the years that I drink spiked coffee for breakfast and spiked hot chocolate before bed, knowing that I am happy right at this moment and everything will be OK.

And I know some day I will buy myself a ring because I put myself first, and some time in the future I will give that ring to my daughter, hoping that she knows she belongs to herself before anyone else.

There are the years that ask question
and the ones that answer.
_Zoey Neal Hurlston

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The essence of you

There are things you think I want from you.

Like sipping a martini on our first date when playing with your feet under the table. The first time you kiss my ears. Or your nice suit and nice car. Like the time you look into my eyes and tell me you've never felt this way with anyone else before.

But these things don't make up the essence of you. What I want, is to know your insecurities when you're alone in your bedroom. I want to see the things that command all your attention. Your beauty and your ugliness. I want to know why darkness haunts you and how the rocks crumble beneath you.

Can I touch your soul?