Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm happy you found better love than me

Love is finding someone that has a smile you adore and that you can have an enjoyable and meaningful conversation with. Love is not being able to forget her crooked nose and the crinkles in her mouth. Love is learning how to love her when she is sick, bitchy, grumpy, at her worst, and at her best. Love is learning how to accept the imperfections of her personality, the brokenness in her heart, and the totalness of her soul. Love is putting labor into making things that are, at first sight,unaligned work. Love is tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, putting each other first, holding on and letting go at the right moment, gratitude, and generosity.

People complain that finding true love is difficult in this crazy world. Truth is, people cannot get over their egos and selfishness. It's not hard to find love; it's hard learning how to love one right.

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