Monday, May 5, 2014

Why I played a game I knew I would lose

That night after our second date, I lied in my bed, half asleep half drunk, and told my roommate that I might actually love you. 

No, truth is, I am fucking in love with you. I love the way your mouth crinkles when you laugh at me. I love you and the way your eyes stare into me and look through me. How you tilt your head back just slightly to take a sip of beer without ever taking your eyes off me. How you always sit across from me and talk so low. The way you tap your fingers to our favorite song.  How you are the only person that can make me stumble. I try so hard when I'm with you. I am well-put-together, got-my-shit-together Amy around you. I fucking love you and hate you, for all the same reasons.
If we this has to be a game,
I lost. I love you and I can't contain it inside.

Just thought maybe you should know.

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